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‘Nazi pug’ case: Scottish court finds man guilty of hate crime

Mark Meechan, 30, pictured above with a pug called Buddha, will be sentenced next month after he was found guilty this week of posting a video on YouTube that was ‘anti-semitic and racist in nature’. According to this report, Meechan filmed the dog – his girlfriend’s pet – giving Nazi salutes. It responded to statements such […]

Circumcision ban ‘would hand Hitler a posthumous victory’

A heated debate has erupted in the wake of Iceland’s plan to abolish male infant circumcision – a ban that, according to  UK Jewish academic Dr Irene Lancaster, above, should be rigorously opposed by all observant Jews, even if it means breaking the law. Writing under the headline “Banning circumcision would give Hitler a posthumous […]

Unlike Catholics, Jews have no concept of what the ‘truth’ is

Henryk Zielinski, above, Editor-in-Chief of the Polish Catholic weekly Idziemy, caused outrage at the weekend when he said that some of the biblical stories believed by Jews ‘have nothing to do with facts’. That’s really rich – especially coming from a Catholic. According to this report, speaking during an interview with TVP Zielinski said that […]

God tells Christian to sculpt a lion. It will be gifted to Israel.

Back in 2006, Texas sculptor Max Greiner Jr allegedly received a message from God, telling him to create a giant lion. He completed the Lion of Judah in 2017, and, according to this report, Christians are now trying to raise around $100,000 to fly the 1,034 lb sculpture to Israel to honour the 70th anniversary of […]

Icelandic lawmakers are acting ‘like Nazis’ over circumcision

Jewish leaders in four Nordic countries have reacted angrily to a ban on non-medical circumcision proposed by Icelandic lawmakers. In an open letter deploring a bill that would prohibit the genital mutilation of male infants, Aron Verständig, Dan Rosenberg-Asmussen, Ervin Kohn and Yaron Nadbornik referred to the Nazi prohibition on brit milah, Jewish ritual circumcision. They […]

Mike Pence treated Jerusalem like ‘end-of-days theme park’

Daniel Seidemann, an Israeli attorney who founded the Jerusalem-based NGO Terrestrial Jerusalem, has slammed Vice President Mike Pence for treating his city like an ‘end-of-days biblical theme park’. According to this report, writing on Twitter, Seidemann pointed out that Pence did not visit with any members of Jerusalem’s Christian community during his trip to the […]

In parts of London Muslims & Jews say they are scared to die

Pressure is being put on a well-respected London coroner, Mary Hassell, above, to resign because she stands accused of being ‘insensitive’ to Jews and Muslims by failing to release bodies for burial fast enough. A member of the Jewish community told BBC Radio 4 tonight that the areas covered by St Pancras Coroner’s Court where […]

Rabbi: Soldiers can’t function effectively alongside women

Israeli Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, above, has sparked a row after attacking mixed-gender units in the army, claiming that ‘any healthy male soldier who is in the company of a female soldier on a mission can’t fulfill it properly. For a healthy person, that is man’s nature’. Speaking on Army Radio a day after Rabbi Shlomo Aviner […]

Shellfish and pork served at San Francisco Jewish banquet

A  banquet that would have had strictly observant Jews reaching for their heart pills took place on Sunday at San Francisco’s Brick & Mortar Music Hall where bacon, pulled pork and other treif dishes – prepared by local Jewish chefs – were served to guests. According to this report the Trefa Banquet 2.0, blessed by […]

Exposed Muslim hate preacher suddenly changes his tune

Earlier this month Imam Raed Saleh Al-Rousan of Houston’s Tajweed Institute delivered a sermon in which he called for Muslims to kill Jews. The Washington-based Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) was quickly on the case. Last week it translated and distributed the lunatic’s sermon, in which he declared: Judgment Day will not come until […]