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The future of humankind rests on an unblemished red heifer

Creators of religious laws must surely have been giggling hysterically into their beards when they devised sets of laws and rituals that go way beyond all human comprehension. Take the case of the red heifer. Only a joker (or maybe several) would have devised a sorcerous recipe for the establishment of a third holy Temple […]

Rabbi tells Jewish schools to disregard biblical homophobia

The toxic book of Leviticus, the Old Testament’s principal source of homophobia, appears to have been kicked into the long grass by Britain’s Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, who has just published a guidebook for Orthodox Jewish schools to help them provide support for LGBT+ students. In The Wellbeing of LGBT+ Pupils: a Guide for Orthodox […]

Rabbi among seven arrested over school funding fraud

Rabbi Aron Melber, who works at a religious school in Rockland Country, New York, was arrested on Wednesday of this week, along with six others, for fraudulently obtaining $14-million of federal funding for high tech equipment for faith schools. Thing is, many of these faith schools prohibit the use of computers, television and the Internet. […]

NYC Inspectors denied access to 15 ultra-Orthodox schools

A three-year investigation into ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools in New York culminated in a report published last Thursday that revealed that 15 of 30 yeshivas did not allow education authorities to carry out inspections. According to this report, the city launched a probe into its yeshiva system in 2015 following a complaint by the Young Advocates […]

Orthodox Jews seek court protection against Skunk spray

The Israeli High Court of Justice has been asked to stop police using a foul-smelling spray called Skunk to break up ultra-Orthodox Jewish demonstrations against military service. According to this report, four Haredi residents in Jerusalem asked the court to impose a ban on the spray, which they regard as “a collective punishment”  and “a […]

Imam faces jail time over hate sermon in Danish mosque

In the first case of its kind in Denmark, prosecutors yesterday charged Imam Mundhir Abdallah, above, with inciting hatred of Jews. A case, according to this report, was made against Abdallah using a new criminal code on religious preaching introduced on January 1, 2017. Abdallah, who preaches in the Copenhagen neighbourhood of Nørrebro at the Masjid […]

Non-Orthodox weddings: Rabbi gets nabbed by Israeli police

In a 5am raid on his home last week, Rabbi Dov Haiyun, above, was hauled in by Haifa police and interrogated ‘Iran-style’ over his practice of conducting non-Orthodox weddings. Police, according to this report, acted on a complaint lodged by a local rabbinical court. But Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit intervened last Thursday and ordered the […]

Harvard man sacked for ‘anti-Semitic’ circumcision show

Beneath a recently uploaded YouTube video of his one-man show Sex & Circumcision: An American Love Story, anti-circumcision activist Eric Clopper revealed that Harvard has sacked him – and that he has launched a crowdfunding campaign for $100,000 dollars he needs to fight the university’s decision. In May, after Clopper presented his show in the […]

Starbucks no longer kosher. Storm in a coffee cup ensues.

Star-K, a US-based kosher-certifying agency, is the bringer of bad tidings to Jews who buy Starbucks’ coffee. It says it can no longer vouch for the ‘kosherness’ of several flavoured beverages – and blamed the corporation for ending an arrangement it had with K-Star.  This, according to the the Star-K website: Please be advised that […]

Slovenly, rowdy Hasidic Jews evicted from Quebec town

Denis Chalifoux, above, mayor of Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, was compelled to initiate court action against a group of Hasidic Jews whose behaviour sparked complaints. Chalifoux, according to this report, said the town, north of Montreal, had sought – and gained – a Quebec Superior Court injunction to have the group removed from summer accommodation they were using […]