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Starbucks no longer kosher. Storm in a coffee cup ensues.

Star-K, a US-based kosher-certifying agency, is the bringer of bad tidings to Jews who buy Starbucks’ coffee. It says it can no longer vouch for the ‘kosherness’ of several flavoured beverages – and blamed the corporation for ending an arrangement it had with K-Star.  This, according to the the Star-K website: Please be advised that […]

Slovenly, rowdy Hasidic Jews evicted from Quebec town

Denis Chalifoux, above, mayor of Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, was compelled to initiate court action against a group of Hasidic Jews whose behaviour sparked complaints. Chalifoux, according to this report, said the town, north of Montreal, had sought – and gained – a Quebec Superior Court injunction to have the group removed from summer accommodation they were using […]

This man is judged too crazy to warrant Republican support

It takes some doing to be rejected by a political party packed to the rafters with fat, gun-loving Christian bigots, but Russell Walker, 75, has just managed to lose the support of the Republicans in North Carolina. Walker has his eyes on the prize of a seat in District 48 of the The North Carolina […]

Rabbi says model’s naked pose is ‘offensive’ to worshippers

Last year Belgian model Marisa Papen, 26, got into a spot of bother when she was arrested for posing nude in Egypt. She’s now upset the authorities in Israel by posing naked near the Western Wall in Jerusalem for an exhibition at a gallery in Knokke, a Belgian beach resort. The photo of Papen, 26, […]

Inadequacies of a Jewish faith school exposed in a new report

Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls’ School, a London state-aided Chasidic school headed by principal Rabbi Avraham Pinter, above, has fallen foul of the UK education watchdog, Ofted, for censoring textbooks, failing to teach about reproduction in science and doing too little to encourage respect for other groups of people. According to this report, Ofsted said the school […]

Ultra-Orthodox nutters disrupt an El Al flight from New York

By refusing to sit next to women or engage in any way with female flight attendants, four devout Jewish men succeeded in delaying an El Al flight from New York to Israel this week for well over an hour. According to this report, one of the men was was “particularly devout and ascetic”. He got […]

‘British values’ proving ‘hostile’ to Orthodox Jews in the UK

Orthodox Jews in north London gathered en masse on Tuesday of this week to protest over what they see as a concerted attack by “secularist forces” on Talmud-based education. According to this report, a huge show of force by around 7,000 was prompted by education authorities insisting that Jewish faith schools must provide an education […]

Panic over for US Jews with non-kosher mortgages

Orthodox Jews who had taken out mortgages with Quicken Loans, which claims to be America’s largest mortgage lender, were dismayed to learn that their arrangements with the Detroit-based company were in breach of Jewish law. Agudath Israel of America, a major haredi Orthodox organisation, issued a legal ruling in April prohibiting Jews from taking out […]

Prayers for man who damaged a ‘magic schlepping circle’

Following an appearance in court yesterday of Yerachmiel E Taube, inset, on charges related to the repeated vandalism of an eruv in Sharon, Massachusetts, Rabbi Noah Cheses said after the arraignment that he hopes that Taube – who once attended temple at Young Israel of Sharon – gets the help he needs.  According to this […]

Vandal destroys ‘critical piece of Jewish infrastructure’

Yerachmiel E Taube, 28, of Sharon, Massachusetts, is due in court today (Monday) following his arrest at the weekend for destroying what local police have called ‘a critical piece of Jewish infrastructure’  – an eruv. An eruv is an artificial boundary usually made up of poles and string that, according to Jewish law, allows Jews […]