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Angry Christians launch ‘Bible bomb’ attack on UNESCO

The offices of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in Paris are being bombarded with Bibles, following its decision to refer to the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem only by its Islamic name, Haram al-Sharif. According to the BBC, last month, UNESCO adopted a controversial Arab-sponsored resolution which makes no […]

Jewish newspaper publishes ‘modest’ photo of Clinton

An Orthodox Jewish newpaper based in Monsey, New York, has become the target of scorn after it published a photo of Hillary Clinton with her face obscured. According to this report,, an Orthodox dating website, reacted to the Yated Ne’eman picture by saying: History is made as Yated Ne’eman publishes a picture of Hillary […]

Muslim hate preacher should be booted out of the UK

Human rights activist Peter Tatchell has called on the UK authorities to revoke the visa of an Islamic hate preacher, Shaykh Hamza Sodagar, above. US-based Sodagar, according to this report, has began a series of lectures in London. He is noted for advocating death for homosexuals, saying in a video that there are five ways of disposing […]

Education Minister says religion should trump science

Israel’s Education Minister Naftali Bennett, above, last week stressed the importance of Jewish studies over secular subjects. He was quoted here as saying: Learning about Judaism and excellence in the subject is more important in my eyes than mathematics and the sciences – and it is hard for me to say that. His comments came […]

Orthodox Jews sentenced for attack on gay black man

A Brooklyn judge this week sentenced two Hasidic men to 150 hours of community service for their part in the vicious beating of a gay black man, Taj Patterson. According to this report, Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Danny Chun had delayed the sentencing of Pinchas Braver and Abraham Winkler, above, so they could find an […]

Crazy Jewish sect bars women from attending universities

A warning that a university education is ‘dangerous’ and should be avoided by Ultra-Orthodox Jewish women has been issued by the insular Satmar sect, which has its headquarters in New York. According to this report, a decree issued by the sect and written in Yiddish, says: It has lately become the new trend that girls […]

£1-million needed to keep Jewish children ‘pure and holy’

A fund-raising drive has been launched in the UK by ultra-Orthodox Jews to  raise £1-million  to prevent children escaping from strict faith communities and living with ‘irreligious parents’ in an ‘evil culture’. The Independent reports that drive has been established to fund the legal fees of divorcing parents involved in child custody battles with ex-partners […]

Halal store in France ordered to sell pork products and booze

The Good Price sharia-compliant mini-market in Colombes, Paris, has been told by local authorities to sell pork and alcohol or face closure. According to this report, authorities found that the store was in breach of the the conditions of its lease, which states the shop must act as a “general food store”. They claim that members […]

Pupils at illegal Jewish school put at risk by untrained staff

Last month it was reported here that dozens of schoolchildren trapped on a beach at Dover by the rising tide had to be rescued by helicopter and lifeboats. The 34 teenagers were plucked from a hazardous stretch of the coast, often beset by falling rocks, after getting lost, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency said after […]

Critics say a UK probe into Sharia courts is a sham

A large number of women’s rights campaigners and organisations from Britain and abroad have submitted a letter to the Home Secretary Theresa May raising serious concerns about the Government’s ‘independent review’ into Sharia courts in Britain. According to a press release issued this weekend by Maryam Namazie, above, of One Law for All, the letter states that […]