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Deranged NY rabbi weighs in to support judge Roy Moore

On Thursday, a conference of crazies took place in Alabama in support of beleaguered judge Roy Moore. Among them was Rabbi Noson Shmuel Leiter, head of Jews for Decency, who is pictured above with the infamous Gordon Klingenschmitt, right. According to this report, the New York rabbi was among about 20 faith and “pro-family” leaders […]

NY secession vote gives Haredi Jews a town of their very own

Founded in the 1970s, the village of Kiryas Joel – a hotbed of orthodox Jewish modesty and gender apartheid – is set to become the first Haredi Orthodox town in the US. On Tuesday, according to this report, more than 80 percent of Monroe voters backed a measure to allow Kiryas Joel, a village of […]

New social housing: orthodox Jews to get special treatment

Because orthodox Jews tend to have much larger than average families, a new housing development in London’s Stamford Hill will feature homes that have up to five bedrooms, large kosher compliant kitchens – and lifts that operate automatically on the sabbath. The plan has been criticised by the National Secular Society. Megan Manson, campaigns officer […]

‘Militant secularists are after our kids’ says US law professor

Conservative Catholic thinker and Princeton University law professor Robert George claimed in Washington on October 24 that, as societies throughout the world become increasingly secularised, some militant secularists will be not content with simply allowing people of faith to worship in their own homes and temples. According to this report, George, who had previously served […]

Animal rights activists hurt in chicken-swinging brawl

A group of Israeli animal rights activists were injured when they gathered in Hadera, about 28 miles from Haifa, to protest a bizarre pre-Yom Kippur ritual involving the swinging of chickens. Video posted here shows pro-chicken-swingers pelting the protesters with a rocks and other objects, including an office chair and a fire extinguisher. According to […]

French Jews protest against visit by ‘divisive’ Israeli rabbi

Approximately 40 Jewish protesters, some of them affiliated with liberal congregations, showed up at a rally last week outside the Buffault synagogue in Paris ahead of the arrival there of Shlomo Amar, above, an Orthodox chief rabbi from Jerusalem. The protesters, according to this report, displayed signs accusing Amar of being mysogynistic and homophobic. Amar […]

Jewish and gay: Texas disaster volunteer ‘sacked’ by church

Carmen Hix, pictured above left with her partner Christia Fiddmont-Norfleet, got the bum’s rush from a Texas church at which she was volunteering after it was discovered that she was Jewish – and a lesbian. According to this report, after seeing the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey in her area, Hix – a 64-year-old Navy […]

Orthodox Israeli MP resigns amidst gay wedding uproar

After a bunch of furious rabbis slammed him for attending a relative’s gay wedding, haredi Knesset MP Yigal Guetta, above, a Sephardic Orthodox Shas party member, resigned yesterday. Last week, according to this report, Guetta told Israel’s Army Radio that he had gone to the same-sex wedding of his sister’s son. His revelation caused a […]

Rabbis must learn to be more tolerant of LGBT communities

Following the near sacking this summer of gay-friendly Rabbi Joseph Dweck, above, British Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis this week called on a meeting of more than 100 Orthodox rabbis to be more inclusive toward the LGBT+ community. According to this report, on Tuesday – at his annual pre-High Holidays conference for the rabbinate – Mirvis also […]

Jewish woman, ‘poisoned’ by bacon, sues Detroit restaurant

An omelet served to Angela Montgomery was supposed to be vegetarian. But when the 30-year-old Jewish woman from Michigan discovered it contained bacon, all hell broke loose. “I’ve been poisoned,” she howled, and filed a lawsuit against a branch of Denny’s. The lawsuit says Montgomery: Is a practicing Jew whose religion forbids the eating of […]