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Australian voters give anti-gay marriage bigots a good kicking

Despite a determined push by Australia’s  anti-gay marriage lobby – and a whopping A$1 million (£593,000) injected by the Anglican Church into the ‘hysterical ‘No’ campaign – a new poll shows that ‘Yes’ voters are comfortably ahead. According to this report, a special Newspoll survey shows a massive 59 per cent of those who have […]

Superstition is not the answer to India’s mounting problems

India’s Junior Education Minister Satyapal Singh, above, recently stated that engineering students should be taught about ancient Indian scientific discoveries. He said that the first airplane was invented by an Indian eight years before the Wright brothers. Indian Prime Minister Modi, while addressing a gathering of doctors and medical staff at a Bombay hospital in […]

Christian cheats on wife, bangs on about ‘traditional marriage’

Tory MP and evangelical Christian Steve Double, 50, has had the gall to criticise the government’s plans for LGBT sex and relationship education in schools after admitting having cheated on his wife. The hypocrite, according to PinkNews, said the plans would undermine “the traditional family”. The Member of Parliament for St Austell and Newquay is a co-signatory to an […]

Prominent US anti-abortionist told mistress to get an abortion

If there one thing that best defines Pennsylvania Republican congressman Tim Murphy, above, it’s his staunch opposition to abortion. Yet when his mistress thought she might be pregnant, he told he to have an abortion. According to The Washington Post, the Pennsylvania Republican’s extramarital affair was well known after it came out in his mistress’s […]

Gagged priest gets his voice back and attacks xenophobia

A few years back priest and journalist Fr Adam Boniecki, above, angered  the Catholic Church in Poland by sounding off about its too cozy relationship with racist, right-wing elements in the country. Things came to a head in 2011 when he when he defended efforts by the liberal, anti-clerical Palikot Movement – now called Your […]

Major political win for lunatic Christian judge Roy Moore

Roy Moore, 70, a former State Supreme Court chief justice and firebrand evangelical Christian, defeated Senator Luther Strange yesterday in the Republican runoff to fill the United States Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions, now the Attorney General. Moore, known as “the Ten Commandments Judge” will face the Democratic nominee, Doug Jones, a former United […]

Seeking publicity in the name of absurd religious sentiments

Gaurav Tyagi, a new contributor to the Freethinker, reflects on the recent row over an Australian advertisement for meat. India has lodged a diplomatic protest with Australia over the ad. The Catholic Secular Forum (CSF) in India also raised objections to it and sought a boycott of Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) and a ban […]

Orthodox Israeli MP resigns amidst gay wedding uproar

After a bunch of furious rabbis slammed him for attending a relative’s gay wedding, haredi Knesset MP Yigal Guetta, above, a Sephardic Orthodox Shas party member, resigned yesterday. Last week, according to this report, Guetta told Israel’s Army Radio that he had gone to the same-sex wedding of his sister’s son. His revelation caused a […]

More – especially the young – discard Christianity in the UK

Britain is fast becoming one of the least religious countries in the world. Although vestiges of the religious establishments that formerly set the pace of British public life still manage to exert power, more and more British people are leaving the faith of their parents behind. A recent study by the National Centre for Social […]

Bishop: ‘gays are like drunks, you can’t reason with them’

Portsmouth Bishop Philip Egan, above, reckons that when they are challenged, homosexuals ‘lash out, full of rage’ as a way of justifying their lifestyles. According to this report, he insisted: Like with a drunk, you can’t reason with them. Egan was commenting on angry reactions to comments made last Thursday on Good Morning Britain by […]