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Christian campaign to keep Trinidad’s buggery law fails

The efforts of gay activist Jason Jones, above, to have the buggery law in his native Trinidad and Tobago struck down resulted in an important court judgment this week that could affect other Caribbean countries that have anti-LGBT legislation. High Court judge Devindra Rampersad ruled in favour of Jones who mounted a legal challenge to […]

US Secretary of State pick opposed by Muslims & Jews

Mike Pompeo, above, nominated by President Trump to replace Rex Tillerson for the top diplomatic post, faces stiff opposition from Muslim and Jewish groups who have united to condemn his ‘Islamophobia’. According to this report, as members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee begin hearings on whether to confirm Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State, […]

Council votes to ban abortion protesters outside clinic

Ealing councillors have voted unanimously to approve a ‘safe zone’ to shield women from demonstrators at a centre run by the charity Marie Stopes. In doing so, the council has become the first in the UK to ban anti-abortion campaigners from protesting outside a clinic, according to the Independent. The decision follows complaints that women using […]

China v Vatican: official says ‘no religion is above the state’

A ban on the sale of Bibles to China via online distributors such as Amazon is the latest twist in the ongoing row between the Vatican and the Chinese government. According to this report, the ban comes as the Holy See and Beijing try to resolve a long conflict over the appointment of bishops. Catholics […]

An evangelical preacher for President? Costa Rica says NO!

The Miami Herald reported on March 30 that an upsurge in evangelical activity in Costa Rica could well see Fabricio Alvarado Muñoz, above, winning its upcoming Presidential election. His popularity, it reported: Is part of the growing tide of evangelical political power in Latin America – a force that is helping make Central America one […]

Good Friday pub openings generate £35-million in Ireland

On Friday, for the first time in 90 years, pubs in Ireland were allowed to stay open – and to celebrate members of Atheist Ireland gathered at the Hairy Lemon in Dublin. It is reported by The Independent that the opening is believed to have generated more than £35-million in sales. It was the first […]

Belgian authorities seize Saudi Arabian controlled mosque

The Grand Mosque of Brussels, leased rent-free by Belgium to Saudi Arabia since 1969, has been taken back by the government in a move aimed at combating radicalism. According to this report, the 99-year lease was been terminated last week “with immediate effect”. The announcement last Friday is Belgium’s first official confirmation of the move […]

Priest warns of ‘Russophobia’ in the wake of Salisbury attack

Fr Joseph Skinner,  a priest at the Russian Orthodox cathedral in London, has urged UK ministers not to blame the Kremlin for an attack on a former spy in Salisbury, given the extent of mystery surrounding the case. According to this report, the Director of Inter-Orthodox Relations for the Church in Great Britain and Ireland […]

Militant pro-lifers are lunatics, says senior Catholic priest

Monsignor John Devine, OBE, stands accused of distorting Catholic teaching on abortion and of lying by saying that people who have abortions are not murderers. Attacks on Devine, the highest-ranking Catholic cleric on the Isle of Man, began after he revealed in a letter that he had criticised pro-lifers who were opposing the Isle of Man’s […]

Will the Tories please throw the Catholic Church under a bus

Last September the Catholic Herald‘s Andrew Cusack argued that Catholic voters were of immense value to Theresa May’s Government, and insisted that the Tories should honour their election pledge to remove an admissions cap that was preventing the Church from opening new schools. Slamming the Government’s failure to scrap the cap, he wrote that: During […]