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Secularism is as great a threat to Christianity as terrorism

Former US House Speaker Newt Gingrich – a Catholic Republican – claimed last night that Western secularism is as great a threat to Christianity as that posed by terrorist groups such as ISIS and al-Qaida. However he believes that in the current culture war raging between faith-heads and secularists, religion will eventually win. Addressing about 300 […]

South Africa’s new President spells bad news for this man

The man pictured above is Errol Naidoo, an aggressively anti-LGBT evangelical who heads an outfit called the Family Policy Institute (FPI). Last year, according to this report, Naidoo – a fervent opponent of reproductive choice and LGBT rights – travelled to Budapest, Hungary for the 2017 World Congress of Families summit of ultra-conservative movements. There, […]

Christian bigots force Bermuda to abandon same-sex marriage

IN AN astonishing about-turn, Bermuda – a British Overseas Territory – voted last December 13 to reverse gay marriage legislation just six months after the Supreme Court ordered the introduction same-sex unions. The Government replaced it with a Domestic Partnership Bill. Reporting on this reversal for  the winter issue of the Pink Humanist, I pointed […]

German right-winger converts to Islam. Gays are the reason.

Arthur Wagner, 48, a far-right German politician, has caused an upset in his hardline, anti-Muslim ADF party by converting to Islam. Now it’s reported that some members of the Alternative für Deutschland party want him kicked out. He had been a key state legislative committee member for the AfD party in the German state of […]

What Jesus never told Caesar

Jerry Falwell Junior, son of the more famous religious fanatic of the same name, tweeted a profound religious thought a couple of days ago. Jesus said love our neighbors as ourselves but never told Caesar how to run Rome – he never said Roman soldiers should turn the other cheek in battle or that Caesar […]

US’s ‘most unpopular Governor’ plunges into religious waters

When it was announced by the Trump administration last year that Catholic Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, above, was to be nominated as an Ambassador for Religious Freedom,  Minority Leader Anthony Hensley suggested that the state would be well rid of Brownback. In a statement, Hensley said: Sam Brownback will be remembered for becoming the most […]

Scottish farming is in a perilous state. Will Jesus Christ save it?

The Church of Scotland certainly believes so, for it has appointed its first ‘Farming Minister’, Rev Chris Blackshaw, above. Blackshaw, who was previously the Chaplain at the Cumbria Agricultural Chaplaincy, is a Methodist minister and has also worked hard at encouraging farmers to talk about their mental health and support each other. According to this report, […]

Trump praises prosperity preacher Kenneth Copeland

It’s just been revealed America’s infantile President wrote last year to Copeland to congratulate him on fifty years of conning cash out of millions of faith-heads. The evangelist, who is worth around $760-m (£562-m), expressed amazement in 2016 that that his outfit – Kenneth Copeland Ministries – was being run as a non-profit entity. He […]

What is a Faith Minister for?

Back in 2016, Christian Today, under the headline “Theresa May sidelines the role of faith minister”, complained that faith had been downgraded when she took over as Prime Minister from David Cameron. CT said that faith issues were no longer being handled by a senior government official as they had in the past but a […]

Survey shows many Brits want religion kept out of politics

A new YouGov poll for the Times has found that a majority of people in the UK want religion kept out of politics and that bishops should not have an automatic right to sit in the of Lords. According to the National Secular Society, around 1,700 people were questioned about their views on politicians allowing […]