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Argentina: Catholics urged to quit church after abortion vote

Last week, despite massive demonstrations in support abortion in Argentina, the country’s Senate voted against a Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy (IVE) Bill. It’s now being reported that those in favour of legal, safe and free abortion are being urged to quit the Catholic Church, which vigorously campaigned against the Bill, and that thousands have already […]

Burqas: Boris Johnson reported to police for ‘hate crime’

ITV journalist Daniel Hewitt reported in a tweet today that former Tory Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has been reported to police over his remarks comparing burqa wearers to ‘letter boxes’ and  ‘bank robbers’ because such language would provoke the ‘spread of hate crime’. Running with the tweet, The Mirror reported that a member of the […]

Christian bigot will continue to serve as a town councillor

Last month the Bible-thumping Mayor of Ferryhill in County Durham – Richard Smith – was forced to resign over anti-gay and anti-Muslim social media posts. But, to the delight of the Christian Legal Centre (CLC), he is being allowed to retain his post as a town councillor. Smith, a pastor, was propelled into the spotlight […]

Christian politician resigns after baring his backside on TV

Georgia state representative and devout pro-life Christian Jason Spencer is out of a job after he bared his butt and repeatedly screamed the N-word in episode of Sacha Baron Cohen’s TV show Who Is America? The idiot was pranked into dropping his trousers after Cohen convinced him that touching an ISIS terrorist with his bare […]

Hate group given a prominent role in Trump’s administration

A listed American anti-LGBT hate group – Alliance Defending Freedom – has been linked to the Trump administration’s new religious freedom task force, which activists fear will be used to undermine equal rights protections. Pink News reports that Trump’s deranged, bat-eared Attorney General Jeff Sessions, above, announced the formation of a “religious freedom task force” […]

In Alabama, a vote for Sandra Little Brown is a vote for Jesus

If Jefferson County Commissioner Sandra Little Brown is re-elected today, her victory will have been delivered by Jesus. Brown, according to this report, is claiming her re-election campaign has the blessing of Jesus “and his followers,” according to a piece of campaign literature that was distributed in District 2 ahead of today’s Democratic run-off with […]

‘Strip Mother Teresa of Indian honour,’ says BJP politician

Subramanian Swamy, above, a senior Bharatiya Janata Party MP who has attacked Mother Teresa for her efforts to ‘Christianise’ India, is now calling for her to be stripped of India‘s highest civilian honour, the Bharat Ratna (Jewel of India). According to this report, his call last week came after Indian authorities busted a baby-trafficking racket […]

Indiana: cannabis church loses a ‘religious freedom’ lawsuit

Bill Levin, above,  is the ‘Grand Poobah’ of First Church of Cannabis in Indiana – and when the state’s then Governor Mike Pence introduced a Religious Freedom Restoration Act, Levin initiated a lawsuit that would allow church members  to use weed as a sacrament. It didn’t go well. According to this report, Judge Sheryl Lynch […]

Woman who labelled Egypt a ‘son of a bitch’ country is jailed

Mona el-Mazboh, 24, a Lebanese tourist who used Facebook to attack sexual harassment she experienced in Egypt, was sentenced on Saturday to eight years in prison. According to this report, she was arrested last month at Cairo airport at the end of her stay in Egypt after a 10-minute video, in which she called Egypt […]

This man is judged too crazy to warrant Republican support

It takes some doing to be rejected by a political party packed to the rafters with fat, gun-loving Christian bigots, but Russell Walker, 75, has just managed to lose the support of the Republicans in North Carolina. Walker has his eyes on the prize of a seat in District 48 of the The North Carolina […]