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Oz senator’s burqa stunt branded ‘racist’ and ‘stupid’

Right wing One Nation leader Pauline Hanson, who fears that Australia is becoming too Islamic, entered the Senate yesterday wearing a burqa. Hanson explained that the point of the stunt, which stunned fellow senators: Was to say that I do not believe that at any point in time ever in the future that any full face […]

Christians condemn ‘nasty, vulgar’ tycoon. No, not Trump.

Another day, another tawdry cat fight in Trump’s administration – Anthony Scaramucci, above, recently hired to become White House Communications Director, was sacked at the weekend, much to the delight of Christian conservatives who apparently disapprove of foul language (unless of course it’s used by the President). Scaramucci hit the headlines last week when he […]

Lunatic Labour councillor suspended for homophobia

A Labour councillor in London – Chika Amadi, a charity worker and evangelical pastor – has been suspended by the party for her anti-gay rants on social media. On her Facebook page last month, Amadi posted: Recently one respectable man in my constituency questioned me on my faith especially on homosexuality (…) I warned him […]

Religious right overjoyed by Trump’s transgender ban

Religious Right leaders have been falling over one another over the past 24 hours in a bid to trumpet their approval of Trump’s ban on transgender people serving in the US military. Right Wing Watch reported that Trump’s reinstatement of a ban – lifted during the Obama administration – has figured large on the Religious […]

‘Marginalised’ Christians: new study paints a bleak picture

A survey published this week by Premier Christian Communications indicates that Christians in the UK are feeling increasingly marginalised. Tim Dieppe, Head of Public Policy at Christian Concern, which offers legal support to Christians who say they have been unfairly treated,  said the results resonate “very much” with their experiences over the years. People try […]

‘Jihad’ in, evolution out in Turkey’s new education plans

Turkey’s Education Minister Ismet Yilmaz, above, yesterday unveiled the the final version his country new national school curriculum, which will teach pupils the ‘proper’ meaning of ‘jihad’, but  will not address the subject of evolution. Yilmaz said that evolution out because: It is above the students’ level and not directly relevant. The new curriculum will […]

Christian Institute ‘shocked’ over award given to gay singer

Earlier this month Vicky Beeching, pictured above with the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, was handed the Thomas Cranmer Award for Worship – much to the annoyance of Colin Hart, Director of the Christian Institute. Hart, according to this report, said this week he was “shocked” that the singer had been given the award for her […]

Israel accused of ‘cowardice’ over mixed gender prayer area

Anat Hoffman, chair of the Women of the Wall group, has lashed out at the the Israeli government’s decision to freeze a plan to open a mixed-gender prayer area at Jerusalem’s Western Wall. Hoffman, pictured above with two paratrooper veterans, called the government decision an “outrage.” I think it shows cowardice. For two years we […]

Pious politicians told to ‘get off you knees and get to work’

America’s Freedom From Religion Foundation is demanding a written assurance from Minnesota state representative Abigail Whelan, above, that she will refrain in future from proselytising during official state business. Whelan, a Republican, received a letter of warning from the FFRF following her “outrageous misuse of her official position in preaching from the House floor.” During […]

Terror attack was UK’s ‘worst example of Islamophobia’

Following a terrorist attack in London that targeted Muslims near a mosque in the early hours of this morning, Harun Khan, of the Muslim Council of Britain, said on Twitter: The Financial Times reports that this latest attack in the capital occurred near a Muslim community centre in north London. The Muslim Council of Britain […]