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Christian baker Jack Phillips sues over alleged harassment

Phillips, above, owner of the Masterpiece Cakeshop in suburban Denver, this week filed a lawsuit against Colorado’s Civil Rights Commission, alleging that it was on a ‘crusade to crush’ him. The lawsuit, according to this report, centres on an incident in which Phillips refused to make a cake for Autumn Scardina, a Denver attorney, who […]

Preacher says he met an angel in ‘really tight’ ballet pants

Canadian evangelist  and faith healer Todd Bentley, 42, has homo-erotic fantasies – and he’s happy to share them with his followers. The founder of Fresh Fire Ministries USA said during a summer  “Supernatural Debt Forgiveness Jubilee Service” that in Albany, Oregon – in around 2004 or 2005 when he was aged about 28 –  he […]

The ‘dirty little secret’ of the Mormons scrutinised again

Last November Michael Stone, of the Progressive Secular Humanist wrote that ‘the aggressive interrogation of children about masturbation and sex by Mormon church officials constitutes child abuse’. The Mormon church has a dirty little secret most outsiders know nothing about: children as young as eight years old are often aggressively interrogated by local church officials […]

Global protests against sex education take place today

Driven by mainly by the Christian conviction that sex-education is bad, and that schoolkids should be kept ignorant, a bunch of ‘concerned’ parents are today staging ‘Sex Ed Sit Out’ protests in multiple US cities as well as Australia and the UK. According to this Life Site report, the protest, originally launched by a few […]

Deranged Christian suggests around 90% of men are gay

Dave Daubenmire, aka ‘Coach Dave’, spends most of his time ranting about a variety of issues he claims are destroying the fabric of American Society via his “Pass The Salt Live” webcasts. Last month  the former high school football coach was banging on about the “sissification” of young American men: Everywhere they go, [young men] […]

‘You know the rules’ judge tells sacked gay C of E clergyman

Canon Jeremy Pemberton, left, who had his licence as a priest officially revoked for marrying his partner Laurence Cunnington, right, in 2014, has lost his discrimination case at the Court of Appeal. According to this report, Lord Justice Underhill told Pemberton, “if you belong to an institution with known and lawful rules”, it is justifiable that: […]

Catholics refused public funds for faith-based sex education

It has just come to light that Catholic school superintendents in Alberta, Canada – headed by Karl Germann, above – applied for  $66,005 of taxpayers’ money at the beginning of this year to develop a ‘parallel’ sex education curriculum that would reflect the Church’s views on sexuality. They were effectively told to get lost. According […]

Funeral bells toll to mark the ‘murder’ of Christian morality

Christians can be such drama queens … The latest manifestation of priestly outrage, according to this report, comes from Greece where a number of churches said that will ring funeral bells every day until Saturday to protest a new law that makes it easier for people to change their legally recognised gender. Greece’s parliament passed […]

C of E school’s acceptance of transgender boy sparks row

Nigel and Sally Rowe, above, are Christians. Christians who find trangenderism so icky that they’ve removed their six-year-old boy from a Church of England school on the Isle of Wight which is allowing another male pupil to wear a dress whenever he pleases. Two years ago, according to the BBC, they removed their eldest son […]

‘Educator’ in hot water after dishing up sex waffle to kids

Sex educator Shelly Donahue, above, will never again get to address youngsters at Jenks Public Schools in Oklahoma after her faith-based advice sparked outrage among students. According to this report, Donahue, who is “passionately committed to Jesus Christ as the ultimate answer to the teen sexual activity problem in America“, recently gave a talk that […]