Secularism, The True Philosophy of Life: An Exposition and a Defence (Freethinker’s Classics, Book 1)


by George William Foote

This edition edited and annotated by Nicolas Walter, published by G.W. Foote & Co. Ltd., 1998.
Kindle edition, 2016.


Freethinker’s Classics, #1.

“Secularism is often accused of being atheistic. It is, however, neither atheistic nor theistic. It ignores the problem of God’s existence… and confines itself to the practical world of experience, without commending or forbidding speculation on matters that transcend it. Unquestionably many Secularists are Atheists also, but others are Theists, and this shows the compatibility of Secularism with either a positive or a negative attitude towards the hypothesis of a supreme universal intelligence.” [from the essay].

In 1890, G.W. Foote (1850-1915) became Charles Bradlaugh’s successor as president of the National Secular Society, but this essay first appeared in 1879 during his breach with Bradlaugh – Foote was expelled from the NSS in 1876 for open opposition to Bradlaugh’s leadership, but the two were reconciled in 1880.