What I Believe: and other essays (Freethinker’s Classics, Book 3)


by E.M. Forster.

Freethinker’s Classics, #3.

Edited, introduced and annotated by Nicolas Walter.

Published by G.W. Foote & Co. Ltd., 1999.

Kindle edition, 2016.


E M Forster took an active part in the growing humanist movement in Britain after the Second World War. From 1946 he was a leading member of the Cambridge Humanist group, becoming its President in 1959 (his inaugural address is included in this collection). He was a member of the Ethical Union in the 1950s, and of the Advisory Council of the British Humanist Association in the 1960s, taking a particular interest in broadcasting. Forster often defended Humanism in the press and on radio, and never avoided awkward issues in this area.

This collection of his essays illustrates E M Forster’s vital Humanism. It provides an insight into Forster’s beliefs for students and readers of his novels. It will also appeal both to self-declared humanists, and to readers who are seeking an alternative to religious faith.

Contains the essays “What I Believe”, “An Alternative in Humanism”, and “How I Lost My Faith”, plus an introduction and notes by Nicolas Walter.