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Law that protects non-believers signed by Barack Obama

President Obama has been warmly commended by the American Humanist Association for signing the Frank R Wolf International Religious Freedom Act into law. In a statement, Roy Speckhardt, above, Executive Director of the AHA, said: The American Humanist Association is proud to see this historic legislation signed into law and looks forward to working with […]

Christians crow over death of atheist activist Rob Sherman

In Illinois at the weekend, a light plane crashed. It took several days for the authorities to confirm that the pilot who died was a prominent atheist activist, Rob Sherman, above. Christians were quick celebrate his death. Here’s two of many examples: I believe he got what he deserved … he was nothing but a […]

In the US, far fewer hotel companies are offering Bibles

A recent survey by STR, a hospitality analytics company, found that the percentage of American hotels that offer religious materials in rooms has dropped significantly over the last decade, from 95 percent in 2006 to 48 percent this year. One company that has decided not to accommodate Bibles at at two of its newest millennial-oriented […]

Woman gets death threats for not wearing headscarf

A Saudi woman who ventured out in Riyadh with her head uncovered sparked a flurry of death threats this week when she tweeted a picture of her defiant act. According to this report, death threats were made against Malak Al Shehri, above, by outraged Muslims after her photo went viral. “Kill her and throw her […]

Atheists in Kenya denied access to a children’s home

Atheists in Kenya (AIK), led by Harrison Mumia, above, has suffered another setback. After receiving official recognition, the group was left in limbo earlier this year when the Attorney General ordered the reversal of its registration because of pressure put on the government by religious zealots. Now, according to this report, members have been banned from […]

Crackpot crew threatens those who dare to ‘censor’ Christmas

America’s Liberty Counsel has identified a number of US companies who are the ‘enemies’ of Christmas, and last week it announced a fresh campaign to name and shame – and even SUE – those who attempt to take the Christian element out of the pagan festival. According to the dotty Christian Council, headed by a […]

BBC considers expanding its religious broadcasting output

Religious leaders in the UK have been invited by the BBC’s Director-General Lord Hall, above, to ‘join discussions about plans for multi-faith coverage’. The move, according to this report, follows a review earlier this year that found that the BBC’s religious output was “too Christian”. The Times reported that an increase in broadcasting for minority […]

Remembering feminist and atheist, Elizabeth Cady Stanton

It’s been nigh on impossible this week to compete with the tens of thousands of media reports of the US election, and the predictions of what America might look like in the coming years under the oppressive dominion of Christian extremists and their imaginary god. So, today, rather than try to select one of a […]

Christian horror comic creator Jack Chick is dead aged 92

In 2015, trailing a little-known 2008 indie documentary – God’s Cartoonist: The Comic Crusade of Jack Chick – the Psychotronic Film Society of Savannah described the movie as:  A mind-blowing profile of 91-year-old author and illustrator Jack T Chick and Chick Publications. Well, the old fire and brimstone loon has died, but his “Chick tracts”, […]

Non-believers get their own burial ground in Sweden

A Google search for a photo to illustrate a report about an atheist cemetery in Sweden yielded a whole bunch of spoof images, but the one above is both genuine and amusing. Wiki points out that Martin Jenners’ headstone is located at the Spring Vale Cemetery in Lafayette, Indiana. Jenners was a Civil War veteran […]