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Spanish couples are rejecting Catholic Church weddings

Church weddings have hit an all time low in Spain. Only 22.2 percent of 68,560 couples tied the knot in Spain’s dwindling number of Catholic Churches in the first half of 2016. According to The Olive Press, this is a huge fall from the same period in the year 2000, when 75 percent had a […]

Philippines: Catholic Church loses contraception battle

For years the Catholic Church has fought tooth and nail to prevent women in the Philippines from accessing contraception, despite the fact that the the country has one of the fastest-growing populations in Asia, and that 70 percent of the population supports birth control measures. Well, this week the Church and its “pro-life” allies were […]

Should ex-atheist Zuckerberg now embrace Catholicism?

Christians have been crowing ever since Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg told the world on Christmas day that he was no longer an atheist and ‘I now believe religion is very important’. Kathy Schiffer, of The National Catholic Register claimed that Zuckerberg has “embarked on a journey toward God” and immediately took an opportunity to nudge him […]

Italian priest is accused of staging church rectory orgies

Father Andrea Contin, above, a parish priest in the northern city of Padua in Veneto, is under police investigation following accusations that he organised orgies in his rectory and pimped out up to 15 of his lovers. According to this report, he is being investigated for of living off “immoral earnings and psychological violence”. A […]

Argentine abuse case: Pope Francis ‘lives outside of reality’

The Pope and the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith are keeping schtum about the arrest in Argentina of a priest arrested on suspicion of child rape. The Independent reports that Pope Francis had been told as early as 2014 that the Rev Nicola Corradi, 82, had been reassigned to a school in […]

Church law loophole allowed a paedophile to keep his job

Paedophile Catholic priest Fr Kevin Gugliotta, 54, above, is currently languishing in jail, awaiting trial on charges of downloading and sharing images and videos of children involved in sex acts. Now here’s a thing: according to this report, the Vatican was informed around 13 years ago that Gugliotta was alleged to have molested a 16-year-old […]

Catholics sorry that a priest abused a disabled woman

The Catholic Church today publicly apologised to a disabled woman who was abused over a period of 14 years by one of its priests, Father Tom Knowles, above, the first priest in Australia to be defrocked for having a ‘long-term inappropriate sexual relationship with a woman.’ According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the apology to […]

Catholic Church in Norway fined over membership fraud

Last year it was reported in Newsweek that Bernt Ivar Eidsvig, the bishop of Oslo, above, had been charged with ‘gross economic fraud’. He and his diocese was accused of overstating their membership numbers, thereby claiming state funding to which it was not entitled. This week, according to the Independent, the case culminated with the […]

Indiana man warned off singing at his gran’s funeral

An Indiana man who attended a gay pride event has been refused permission by a Catholic church to sing at his grandmother’s funeral. Connor Hakes, above, received a letter from Father Bob J Lengerich of St Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church in Indiana, saying that Hakes’ attendance at a gay rally a few years […]

Staff abused over school’s plan to charge £1 for nativity play

A plan to charge a £1 entrance fee for three performances of a nativity play at a Catholic primary school in Worcester has angered some parents, who have reportedly subjected staff to abuse. The money raised, according to head teacher Louise Bury, of St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, would be spent on books and equipment, […]