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University professor in Hartford ran his office like a mosque

Biology professor Felix Coe, a Muslim professor at the University of Connecticut (UConn) in Hartford, insisted that students had to say ‘Bismillah’ – meaning ‘in the name of Allah’ – and remove their shoes before entering his office. According to this report, Coe even had signs on his door and window saying “Knock first, then […]

‘British values’ proving ‘hostile’ to Orthodox Jews in the UK

Orthodox Jews in north London gathered en masse on Tuesday of this week to protest over what they see as a concerted attack by “secularist forces” on Talmud-based education. According to this report, a huge show of force by around 7,000 was prompted by education authorities insisting that Jewish faith schools must provide an education […]

Canadian law school ruling is a ‘blow to religious freedom’

When the Supreme Court in Canada recently ruled that the law societies of Ontario and British Columbia are now permitted to deny Trinity Western University’s (TWU) proposed law school accreditation because of its Christian standards of morality, wailing and gnashing of teeth predictably followed. According to this report, Gerald Chipeur, above, the Alliance Defending Freedom […]

Out with the priests: US School Board vote upsets Christians

Fairfax County School Board in Virginia yesterday voted to remove ‘clergy’ from a list of trusted adults with whom children could talk about their concerns regarding sex or sexuality. This despite the fact that – ahead of the vote – the Most Reverend Michael F Burbidge, above, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, warned […]

Op-ed: stop teaching Christian crap to kids in Florida schools

Ever since he took office, Donald Trump has been feverishly working alongside evangelical Christians to remake America in their own image: an idiocracy. Fortunately, America still has writers who have the courage to stand up to this trend: writers like Lauren Ritchie whose op-ed in yesterday’s Orlando Sentinel excoriated Florida schools that teach “fake science […]

Spain’s new atheist PM wants religion kept out of schools

Pedro Sánchez, an atheist to the core, today became the first Spanish Prime Minister to be sworn in without a Bible or a crucifix on the table before him – a day after the stunning parliamentary defeat of his predecessor Mariano Rajoy. Four years ago Sánchez, then General Secretary of the Socialist Party (PSOE), confirmed […]

Police officer told bullied gay teen she was destined for hell

In America school resource officers are sworn law enforcement officers responsible for safety and crime prevention. But when Liv Funk reported homophobic abuse and a physical attack to Jason Griggs  – the officer at her school in Oregon (inset) – she was left stunned by his response. Detailing the homophobia and harrassment she experienced at […]

Movie glorifying billionaire evangelist fails to fill cinemas

Nada a Perder (Nothing to Lose) is an authorised biopic of Edir Macedo, founder and spiritual leader of The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God worldwide and owner of RecordTV in Brazil – but despite millions of tickets reportedly being sold, the movie is playing to empty cinema seats. When I saw a Guardian […]

Faith schools: Catholics and secularists criticise new plans

The Government has abandoned plans to lift the 50 per cap on faith admissions in new free schools in a move that has infuriated Catholics. Equally angry are secularists, who, while welcoming the retention of the cap, are appalled that the government plans instead to give faith groups extra support and 90 percent of the […]

No rabbi, you do not promote learning by pandering to idiots

Rabbi Dr Natan Slifkin, above, founder and director of The Biblical Museum of Natural History in Beit Shemesh, tells the story of a ultra-Orthodox Jewish man who entered his museum. I recall seeing one visitor, an adult, standing in front of our lion exhibit, marveling at it. “It’s amazing!” he said to me. “Yes, it […]