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NSS names its Secularists of the Year at a London ceremony

Phil Johnson and Graham Sawyer, left, a serving vicar, were yesterday named Secularists of the Year for 2018 by the National Secular Society. Johnson and Sawyer accepted a £5,000 prize from the human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell at an awards ceremony in central London. Both were honoured for their work campaigning on behalf of survivors […]

Sweden pledges to impose a ban on religious schools

Outlining its education policy ahead of this year’s General Election, Sweden’s governing Social Democrats yesterday pledged to ban religious schools in an effort to combat segregation. At a press conference in Stockholm, Sweden’s Minister for Public Administration Ardalan Shekarabi, above, said the Swedish education system needs to be based on the values and principals in […]

Secularism is as great a threat to Christianity as terrorism

Former US House Speaker Newt Gingrich – a Catholic Republican – claimed last night that Western secularism is as great a threat to Christianity as that posed by terrorist groups such as ISIS and al-Qaida. However he believes that in the current culture war raging between faith-heads and secularists, religion will eventually win. Addressing about 300 […]

London town hall to become a Hindu temple. Locals protest.

London’s ITV news reported today that a sizeable protest took place outside Southall Town Hall in West London because the building is to be acquired by a ‘religious organisation’ which was it did not name. So I did some digging and discovered that Ealing Council, owner of the building, had agreed to grant a 250-year […]

More Catholic schools needed to project children into heaven

Growing secularism in the US has led to an increasing number of Catholic schools closing, but bishop George V Murry, above, of Youngstown, Ohio, imagines the trend can be reversed if parents were made to believe that a Catholic education would fast-track their kids to heaven. According to this report, he said: Many parents don’t […]

US’s ‘most unpopular Governor’ plunges into religious waters

When it was announced by the Trump administration last year that Catholic Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, above, was to be nominated as an Ambassador for Religious Freedom,  Minority Leader Anthony Hensley suggested that the state would be well rid of Brownback. In a statement, Hensley said: Sam Brownback will be remembered for becoming the most […]

Study: gay pride and atheism is on the rise among the young

Encouraging news: Generation Z teens – the 70 million kids born between 1999 and 2015 – are at least twice as likely as American adults to identify as as LGBT or atheist, according to a study just released by the Barna Group. Christianity Today reports that study – which shows that 13 percent of teens […]

There is a tsunami of atheism in the ‘Muslim world’

I was recently interviewed by Thomas Mahler for the French Le Point. The Freethinker is the first to publish the English version of the interview which has made a lost of waves in France. Born in Tehran in 1966, Maryam Namazie left Iran after the advent of the Islamic Republic in 1979. This leftist woman, […]

Human rights activist faces death threats in the Maldives

Shahindha Ismail, Executive Director of the Maldives Democracy Network (MDN) is reportedly being investigated by police for the ‘crime’ of allegedly advocating for secularism in the Sunni Muslim state. According to this report, the prominent human rights activist sparked outrage in December 2017 when she responded in a tweet to a speech by President Abdulla […]

Survey shows many Brits want religion kept out of politics

A new YouGov poll for the Times has found that a majority of people in the UK want religion kept out of politics and that bishops should not have an automatic right to sit in the of Lords. According to the National Secular Society, around 1,700 people were questioned about their views on politicians allowing […]