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Christian Psychiatrist Services in Memphis, Tenn, shuts down

Dr Valerie Louise Augustus has been forced to close her office for two months and could lose her medical licence after it was discovered she beat at least ten patients with whips and riding crops and sometimes compared them to mules. Augustus, who has headed Christian Psychiatrist Services for 17 years, was found to have […]

Christian couple lose custody case. Jesus was their lawyer.

In one of the weirdest performances ever seen in a court of law, the deranged parents of a toddler spoke in tongues and used a stuffed lion as an interlocutor to argue that anti-Christian bias led to their toddler being placed in foster care. According to this report, the couple – known as AJ and […]

Judge hears sadistic Catholic nun confess to child cruelty

High Court judge Lady Smith, above, who is heading the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, this week heard a 77-year-old nun admitting to a series of cruel acts she inflicted on orphans. According to this report, the nun, who unfortunately cannot be identified, apologised to those she “mistreated” at Nazareth House homes in Aberdeen and Lasswade, […]

Tennessee pastor arrested for attempted rape of a young girl

William E ‘Tim’ Smith, Jr, pastor at the Tennessee Church of God in Palmer, has been suspended by the church following his arrest this week for the attempted rape of a girl aged 12. According to this report, the church is asking for prayers for all concerned. In a statement it said: On June 1, […]

Former UK imam jailed for abusing a boy in a mosque

Mohammed Rabani, 61, a former imam at a mosque in Sneinton, Nottinghamshire, today (Thursday) received a five-year jail sentence after he was found guilty earlier this month of of three charges of indecent assault committed 25 years ago. According to this report, Nottingham Crown Court’s judge Gregory Dickinson QC told Rabani that the fact that the […]

Convicted archbishop sparks fury with ‘pray for me’ letter

Australian Philip Wilson, the Archbishop of Adelaide who was found guilty this week  of concealing child sexual abuse, has caused outrage by sending a letter to Catholic schools in his home state, asking pupils to ‘please continue to pray for me’. Wilson’s letter, according to this report, first went viral on Twitter, and then Reddit, […]

‘Wonderful’ ex-pastor accused of breaking his infant’s legs

Matthew Everly, 25, of Bloomington, Illinois, faces 11 counts of child cruelty arising out of an incident in March this year when he allegedly broke both legs of his two-month-old daughter. According to this report, Everly was, until recently, a pastor at the Eastview Christian Church in the town of Normal in McLean County. The […]

Convicted Adelaide archbishop will leave his post this week

Philip Wilson, above, the Archbishop of Adelaide who had been found guilty of concealing child sex abuse by a fellow priest, will step down from his position on Friday. According to this report, Wilson announced his decision today (Wednesday) the day after he was found guilty by a Newcastle court judge of concealing the abuse […]

Missionary faces lengthy jail sentence for abusing orphans

Christian missionary Daniel Stephen Johnson, 40, above, faces a minimum of 30 years in prison when he is sentenced later this year in Oregon for for sexually abusing children living at an unlicensed Cambodian orphanage that he operated in Phnom Penh over a period of years. A jury, according to this report,  found Johnson guilty […]

Cult leader Hopeful Christian, a ‘dirty old man’, dies aged 92

The founder of a New Zealand cult who changed his name from Neville Cooper to Hopeful Christian, died today, leaving behind a trail of controversy, a sexual abuse conviction, and questions over the future of the sect called Gloriavale, located in Haupiri Valley, on the South Island’s West Coast. According to this report, the current leader, […]