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UK doctor faces prosecution over Islamic circumcision

The mother of a boy who was circumcised against her wishes is seeking to challenge a Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) decision taken last November not to prosecute the doctor who carried out the procedure. According to this National Secular Society report, via the Sunday Times, the boy was in such pain after he was ritually […]

‘Get up for Jesus’ mum used stun gun on her teenage son

Phoenix mum Sharron Dobbins, 40, has been arrested and charged with child abuse after police say she tased one of her sons, telling him ‘get up. it’s Jesus day!’ According to reports here and here, she was arrested on Sunday after her 17-year-old son alerted authorities. The teen did not complain of any pain but told […]

Homophobic pastor arrested on charges of child molestation

Nashville pastor Matthew Dennis Patterson has been arrested for allegedly molesting a number of children over two decades. The Nolensville Road Baptist Church pastor, a vocal opponent of anti-discrimination bills designed to protect jobs and housing for lesbian, gay and bisexual people, is accused of engaging “in strange activities” with children. Kids at the church […]

Boy, 11, punched a priest in a bid to avoid sexual assault

A 51-year-old man who cannot be named for legal reasons claims that he was punished after he reported Father Francis Paul Moore, above, for attempting to abuse him in  a Scottish church. According to this report, the alleged victim was just 11 when he had an encounter with Moore in St Margaret’s Church in Castlepark. […]

Pastor jailed for causing death of a ‘demonic’ two-year-old boy

Aracely Meza, above, pastor at a Texas church called Iglesia Internacional Jesus es el Rey, was jailed last Friday for 99 years for starving a child she believed was possessed by the devil. According to this report, Benjamin Aparicio died on March 22, 2015. Weeks before his death, Meza, 52, had ordered that food be withheld from him […]

NSS names its Secularists of the Year at a London ceremony

Phil Johnson and Graham Sawyer, left, a serving vicar, were yesterday named Secularists of the Year for 2018 by the National Secular Society. Johnson and Sawyer accepted a £5,000 prize from the human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell at an awards ceremony in central London. Both were honoured for their work campaigning on behalf of survivors […]

Bavarian authorities were right to rescue 40 kids from a cult

A German decision to remove children from a Christian cult was upheld this week by the European Court of Human Rights. Forty children, according to this report, were removed from Twelve Tribes settlements near the towns of Deinigen and Woernitz to protect them from physical abuse. The court agreed canings meted out by cult members […]

Faith-based probation order led to teenager’s abuse by priest

After a 17-year-old Michigan teen had been ordered by a court to complete community service under the supervision of a Catholic priest – Fr Robert DeLand, above – he fell victim to sexual abuse by the priest. DeLand, according to this report, was subsequently arrested late last month for sexually assaulting the teen as well […]

‘Historic’ judgment sees priest jailed in Mexico for 63 years

Legal history was made in Mexico this week when Carlos López Valdez, above, became the first priest in the country to receive a jail sentence for sexual abuse. The priest, according to this report, was officially removed from ministry in 2011, but according to several Mexican newspapers, he continued to celebrate Mass in Mexico City […]

Sheltered religious upbringing warped pervert’s judgement

Manchester paedophile Luke Simpson, 23, was spared a jail sentence this week after a court was told that ‘he lives in an enclosed religious community and has had little opportunity to socialise with women of his own age’. Simpson, according to this report, had pleaded guilty to grooming a 12-year-old girl, enticing her to engage […]