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Australian voters give anti-gay marriage bigots a good kicking

Despite a determined push by Australia’s  anti-gay marriage lobby – and a whopping A$1 million (£593,000) injected by the Anglican Church into the ‘hysterical ‘No’ campaign – a new poll shows that ‘Yes’ voters are comfortably ahead. According to this report, a special Newspoll survey shows a massive 59 per cent of those who have […]

Funeral bells toll to mark the ‘murder’ of Christian morality

Christians can be such drama queens … The latest manifestation of priestly outrage, according to this report, comes from Greece where a number of churches said that will ring funeral bells every day until Saturday to protest a new law that makes it easier for people to change their legally recognised gender. Greece’s parliament passed […]

Jesuit priest slams church over canceled human rights festival

Rev James Martin, above, has waded into a row over the cancellation of a human rights arts festival that was to take place on yesterday (Sunday) at St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in New York. The festival included a comedy improvisation, “Thank You for Coming Out”,  about revealing gay identity, and a series of original cabaret […]

Greek priests express horror over new transgender law

Thanks to a law approved by the Greek parliament, people can now legally change their gender on all official documents – and Metropolitan Nicholas of Phthiotis, above, centre, is furious. According to this report, he thundered: Do you see how far these Greek Orthodox deputies have sunk? … They have brought blasphemy upon the human […]

Judge accused of a ‘shameful diatribe’ against a US pastor

Scott Lively, above – a man who probably did more to stoke up hatred against gays in Uganda than any other foreign evangelist – is demanding that remarks made about him by a Federal judge be expunged from official records. According to this report, Lively wants the Boston-based First Circuit Court of Appeals to remove […]

Kim Davis travels to Romania to spread her Christian poison

Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk jailed for five days in 2015 after refusing to issue same-sex marriage licences, snuggled up to a man in a frock when she arrived in Romania to stoke up hatred. According to this report, America’s right-wing Liberty Counsel, which represented Davis when she got herself into hot water over […]

Christian cheats on wife, bangs on about ‘traditional marriage’

Tory MP and evangelical Christian Steve Double, 50, has had the gall to criticise the government’s plans for LGBT sex and relationship education in schools after admitting having cheated on his wife. The hypocrite, according to PinkNews, said the plans would undermine “the traditional family”. The Member of Parliament for St Austell and Newquay is a co-signatory to an […]

Christians booted out of gay-owned Seattle coffee shop

Ben Borgman, inset above, was so incensed that a Christian group had placed a ‘gross’ anti-abortion poster in his Bedlam Coffee shop in Seattle that he threw them off the premises. Borgman, according to this report, was furious that the poster, through the use of rainbow colours, “insinuated” that gays were responsible for abortion. Borgman […]

South African charlatan claims success in banishing gay spirits

‘Bishop’ Hamilton Nala, whose  beliefs are as outlandish as his choice of clothes, is being held up to ridicule in South Africa over his claims that he has the power to eradicate spirits who make people gay. On Tuesday night, according to this report,  Nala – a clown who claims he can cure HIV and […]

Catholic Church should have no part in gay marriage debate

Louisa Wall, above, the MP who authored New Zealand’s same-sex marriage bill, has slammed the Catholic Church for poking its nose into Australia’s postal survey on gay marriage. Wall is reported here as saying that, given its record of child sexual abuse, the Church has no moral authority to interfere with the same-sex marriage ballot […]