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Vote for gay marriage and kiss Easter and Christmas goodbye

Of all the outlandish things I have read about the threat posed to society by gay marriage, this one must surely take the biscuit. According to this report, Margaret Court, above, tennis-legend-turned Pentecostal pastor, warned Australians that voting to change the definition of marriage will affect Christian schools and freedom of speech. There will be […]

In Brazil a mad judge rules that homosexuality is a ‘disease’

The cartoon above was widely circulated this week after a judge in Brazil – a  country apparently suffering a ‘plague’ of evangelists – ruled in favor of a ‘gay cure’ evangelical Christian therapist. According to the Independent, federal judge Waldemar de Carvalho ruled that homosexuality could be considered a disease when he backed crackpot psychologist, […]

French Jews protest against visit by ‘divisive’ Israeli rabbi

Approximately 40 Jewish protesters, some of them affiliated with liberal congregations, showed up at a rally last week outside the Buffault synagogue in Paris ahead of the arrival there of Shlomo Amar, above, an Orthodox chief rabbi from Jerusalem. The protesters, according to this report, displayed signs accusing Amar of being mysogynistic and homophobic. Amar […]

Jewish and gay: Texas disaster volunteer ‘sacked’ by church

Carmen Hix, pictured above left with her partner Christia Fiddmont-Norfleet, got the bum’s rush from a Texas church at which she was volunteering after it was discovered that she was Jewish – and a lesbian. According to this report, after seeing the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey in her area, Hix – a 64-year-old Navy […]

Lawman and part-time school bus driver harassed a gay pupil

Robert Belt, a Sheriff Deputy in Clay County, West Virginia, is not only a devout Christian; he is also a thoroughly nasty piece of work. This became apparent after it was widely reported this week that Belt, who works as a part-time school bus driver, targeted an openly-gay teen who boarded a bus he was […]

Orthodox Israeli MP resigns amidst gay wedding uproar

After a bunch of furious rabbis slammed him for attending a relative’s gay wedding, haredi Knesset MP Yigal Guetta, above, a Sephardic Orthodox Shas party member, resigned yesterday. Last week, according to this report, Guetta told Israel’s Army Radio that he had gone to the same-sex wedding of his sister’s son. His revelation caused a […]

Bishop: ‘gays are like drunks, you can’t reason with them’

Portsmouth Bishop Philip Egan, above, reckons that when they are challenged, homosexuals ‘lash out, full of rage’ as a way of justifying their lifestyles. According to this report, he insisted: Like with a drunk, you can’t reason with them. Egan was commenting on angry reactions to comments made last Thursday on Good Morning Britain by […]

Anti-gay marriage propaganda ignored by young Australians

The debate in Australia over same-sex marriage took a turn this week that’s left Catholic traditionalists spitting tacks. According to this report, Father Chris Middleton, above, rector of Xavier College, a “prestigious” Catholic school, called on the church to reflect on the overwhelming support for marriage equality among young people. He cited an Irish archbishop who […]

‘Abominable’ lesbian couple awarded cash and an apology

When Amanda Abramovich, right, and Samantha Brookover went to to their county clerk’s office in West Virginia last year to get a marriage licence they hadn’t bargained on encountering abusive religious nutters. Deputy Clerk Debbie Allen slammed the paperwork on the desk, said she was a Christian and called the couple an “abomination” in a […]

Australian anti-gay marriage adverts dismissed as ‘rubbish’

Seeing as I am now in Gibraltar just days away from my wedding to my long-term partner Marcus, what could be more appropriate than a post about the way a clot of Christians in Australia are making utter idiots of themselves over same-sex marriage. According to this report, TV adverts campaigning against gay marriage have […]