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London store ‘celebrates sin’ with Garden of Eden biscuits

It didn’t take long for Christian outrage to erupt after news broke that London department store Fortnum & Mason is selling a biscuit collection based on the biblical myth of the Garden of Eden – featuring gay and lesbian couples. Tim Dieppe, speaking on Premier Radio this week, said that the promotion was: A celebration of […]

Two churches sack gay choir members – for being married

The men pictured above are two of three gay guys who are at the centre of a controversy that erupted in a tight-knit Roman Catholic Church parish north of Minneapolis–Saint Paul, Minnesota. Last month Travis Loeffler, left, Bob Bernard and Dominic Mitchell were dismissed from their churches’ choirs after a newly appointed priest – Father […]

Did God send gulls to show his anger over homoerotic scene?

Following reports that Catholics were incensed over a ‘homoerotic’ Vatican nativity scene last December, right-wing Catholic LifeSiteNews revealed last week that ‘something very eerie and ominous’ occurred after the Pope blessed the ‘hideous’ and ‘sacrilegious’ display, which was ‘so clearly meant as a nod to the LGBT lobby’. Wrote Anthony H Wagner, who is clearly […]

Franklin Graham is warned not to incite hatred in the UK

Despite the fact that almost 7,500 people have signed a petition calling for Graham to be barred from entering the UK, he will be in the country in September to lead a ‘Festival of Hope’ evangelical extravaganza in the northern seaside resort of Blackpool. But, according to this report, he has been warned by local […]

Christian bakers lose their religious discrimination appeal

Aaron and Melissa Klein, former owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, yesterday lost their appeal against a $135,000 fine imposed on them for refusing to provide a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. In ruling against their appeal, Judge Chris Garrett sitting in the Oregon Court of Appeals, wrote that in his opinion: The Kleins […]

‘We’re Christian, we love everyone’, says anti-gay baker

Californian baker Cathy Miller, above, is at the centre of yet another controversy over weddings cakes for same-sex couples. Her refusal to meet the requirements of gay patrons received a great deal of publicity in August, and later California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) filed a “surprise” motion for a temporary restraining order […]

Vatican’s Christmas display is too gay, say shocked observers

Banned by Facebook, but accepted by Twitter, a photograph of a section of the Vatican’s 2017 nativity scene went viral this month – and provoked accusations of inappropriate homoeroticism. A photo of the scene, which includes representations of seven corporal works of mercy – Catholic acts of penance and charity – was first posted on […]

Bishop’s hateful rants were meant only for Christian ears

Virginia’s ‘Bishop’ E W Jackson Sr, above, a primary Republican candidate for the US Senate, has offered a bizarre explanation for his hateful rants against gay people, saying they were meant only for Christian ears. Because he so desperately wants to win the seat for Virginia next year, Jackson is now taking a more conciliatory […]

Court setback for Indonesia’s Islamic Family Love Alliance

If there’s one thing one can always be certain about is this: if religious organisations use words like ‘family’, ‘love’, and ‘truth’ to describe themselves, inevitably they turn out to be hate groups. Evidence of this emerged this week when the Family Love Association, known a AILA, was told to get lost after it unsuccessfully […]

NY synagogue ordered to stop congratulating gays who marry

America’s Orthodox Union has come down hard on New York’s  liberal Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, ordering it to stop using its newsletter to congratulate same-sex couples who marry. To its shame, the Orthodox Riverdale synagogue in the Bronx agreed to halt the practice due to “a barrage of complaints”. The Orthodox Union, according to this […]