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Court setback for Indonesia’s Islamic Family Love Alliance

If there’s one thing one can always be certain about is this: if religious organisations use words like ‘family’, ‘love’, and ‘truth’ to describe themselves, inevitably they turn out to be hate groups. Evidence of this emerged this week when the Family Love Association, known a AILA, was told to get lost after it unsuccessfully […]

Miss Iraq’s peace gesture leads to death threats in Iraq

When Miss Iraq, Sarah Idan, right, posed last month for a picture with Miss Israel, Adar Gandelsman, she said it was an expression of a desire for peace. Idan was also pictured – gasp! – wearing a swimsuit. Now it’s being reported that relatives of the Iraqi contestant in the Miss Universe Pageant have been […]

Street preacher and gun nut beats hate speech conviction

Daniel Courney, 33, a deranged evangelist who was convicted earlier this year of using “threatening and discriminatory language” during an anti-Islamic rant in Lincoln, had his conviction overturned this week. Courney, an American missionary who served in the US military and has been a missionary in Nepal and India for eight years, advocates for arming civilians […]

Religion left out in the cold as Oz debates same-sex marriage

Opponents of gay marriage in Australia suffered defeat after defeat yesterday when religious exemptions were systematically kicked into the long grass as the equality bill was debated. According to this report, tempers flared as a series of conservative amendments to the same-sex marriage bill were voted down by large margins in the Senate, defeated by […]

Birmingham hosts a ‘faith summit’. What was the point?

Yesterday, around 400 True Believers™ converged on the University of Birmingham for a multi-faith event organised by Mayor of the West Midlands Andy Street, above. St Theresa of May was ecstatic – and yesterday tweeted: Some heartening responses to the the daffy Tory leader: • Religion has no place in politics … • What is […]

So, young Iftikhar, what did they teach you in school today?

‘That, as a male, I’m superior to women and that, when I marry, I’m permitted to beat my wife if she steps out of line.’ It appears that the best efforts of the authorities to eradicate hateful Islamic teachings has has no effect whatsoever on some Muslim schools in the UK, according to a dossier […]

Holy Cow! Crucified bovine outrages Flemish Catholics.

A ‘sodomite artist’ named Tom Herck has outraged Catholics by placing a crucified cow in the Saint John the Baptist Church of Kuttekoven, in the Flemish town of Borgloon. I have no idea whether Herck, pictured above with his provocative artwork, is gay or straight, but check out this headline: It appears on the Pope […]

Atheism in Malaysia must be crushed, says deputy PM

Dr Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki, above, Malaysia’s Deputy Prime Minister, has proposed that any ideology deemed to be a threat to the ‘sanctity of Islam’ should be made illegal. According to this report, Dusuki, who is also Deputy Minister in charge of Religious Affairs, warned that atheism is “unconstitutional”. He was responding to a question posed […]

The elephant in the room is a god, ad watchdog decides

In September we reported that Hindus were rebuffed by Australia’s Advertising  Standards Board, which found nothing offensive about a humorous lamb ad and rejected calls to ban it. Well, according to this report, religious pester power finally won out, and the ASB has now imposed a ban, finding that the ad produced by the Meat […]

God: A Human History – a rescue attempt by Reza Aslan

‘Religion scholar’ Reza Aslan’s new book, God: A Human History, traces the human relationship with gods from the Palaeolithic, Greek, and Egyptian eras to the rise of  Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Aslan’s history highlights the ongoing compulsion to attribute human characteristics to gods over millennia and blames God’s poor image on this “dangerous” humanisation. It’s […]