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Burqas: Boris Johnson reported to police for ‘hate crime’

ITV journalist Daniel Hewitt reported in a tweet today that former Tory Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has been reported to police over his remarks comparing burqa wearers to ‘letter boxes’ and  ‘bank robbers’ because such language would provoke the ‘spread of hate crime’. Running with the tweet, The Mirror reported that a member of the […]

Christian bigot will continue to serve as a town councillor

Last month the Bible-thumping Mayor of Ferryhill in County Durham – Richard Smith – was forced to resign over anti-gay and anti-Muslim social media posts. But, to the delight of the Christian Legal Centre (CLC), he is being allowed to retain his post as a town councillor. Smith, a pastor, was propelled into the spotlight […]

Bangladesh: lovers kissing pic sparks ‘indecency’ debate

When Jibon Ahmed posted a photograph on his Facebook page  of two lovers kissing in monsoon rain on the steps of the Dhaka University campus he opened a can of worms in the Muslim-majority country. After the photo, captioned “Songs of rains – let love be free”,  went viral, conservative Muslims blasted Ahmed for promoting […]

Atheist hits a Koran-burning fire station with a lawsuit

Atheist and former fireman Jeffrey Queen, above, has been told that a lawsuit he brought against the Bowling Green Fire Department in Kentucky can proceed. Queen worked for the fire department from 2011 to 2016, during which time he claims his colleagues attacked his atheism, made racist, sexist and homophobic remarks – and even burned a […]

Imam faces jail time over hate sermon in Danish mosque

In the first case of its kind in Denmark, prosecutors yesterday charged Imam Mundhir Abdallah, above, with inciting hatred of Jews. A case, according to this report, was made against Abdallah using a new criminal code on religious preaching introduced on January 1, 2017. Abdallah, who preaches in the Copenhagen neighbourhood of Nørrebro at the Masjid […]

Woman who labelled Egypt a ‘son of a bitch’ country is jailed

Mona el-Mazboh, 24, a Lebanese tourist who used Facebook to attack sexual harassment she experienced in Egypt, was sentenced on Saturday to eight years in prison. According to this report, she was arrested last month at Cairo airport at the end of her stay in Egypt after a 10-minute video, in which she called Egypt […]

Provocative? Well, yes!

The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain’s (CEMB) presence at London’s Pride event last year was viewed as intentionally provocative and subversive and to that charge I would say, well yes! Pride, with its radical roots of standing up against bigotry and homophobia, is the best place to highlight and condemn injustices. But as a minority […]

Vicious UK imam jailed for 17 months for terrorising kids

Abdul Rauf, 51, described as “a nasty bully of a man” was jailed this week for bullying and beating children as young as ten in his Islamic study classes. According to this report, Rauf admitted 21 separate charges but a judge at Manchester Crown Court took around 80 attacks into account. Police said they saw […]

University professor in Hartford ran his office like a mosque

Biology professor Felix Coe, a Muslim professor at the University of Connecticut (UConn) in Hartford, insisted that students had to say ‘Bismillah’ – meaning ‘in the name of Allah’ – and remove their shoes before entering his office. According to this report, Coe even had signs on his door and window saying “Knock first, then […]

SPLC admits it was wrong to call Maajid Nawaz an extremist

The Southern Poverty Law Center yesterday apologised for wrongly naming the Quilliam Foundation and its UK founder, Maajid Nawaz, above, as anti-Muslim extremists and has paid them a $3.375 million settlement. According to this report, the SPLC said in a statement: Today, we entered into a settlement with and offered our sincerest apology to Mr. Maajid Nawaz […]