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The Jesus Delusion

Science writer Steuart Campbell reviews The Jesus Delusion: How the Christians created their God  (‘The demystification of a world religion through scientific research’) by Heinz-Werner Kubitza. Not all freethinkers want to know in what way Christians are deluded about their religion (it’s taken for granted). But those that do will find the answers here. A […]

Baby Jesus is turned into a gargoyle at a Canadian church

When a priest at an Ontario Catholic church allowed a local artist to have a go at replacing the missing head of the infant Jesus on a stone statue the result was horrendous. According to the Guardian, for almost a decade, a white stone statue of Mary and baby Jesus has stood outside Ste Anne […]

Taking a rain check on Jesus

Inspired by the online ravings of Kent evangelist, Bob Hutton, Barry Duke used a lazy Sunday afternoon to pen this piece, which first appeared on the Freethinker website on October 14, 2012. (Warning: has adult gay content!)   “GOOD afternoon sir, nice weather for this time of the year”, says the squinty-eyed old geezer clutching […]

Jesus Christ: ‘I turned wine into water – alcohol is bad for you’

A former bus driver and bed-and-breakfast owner – who changed his name from John Edward Birtwhistle to Jesus Christ after memories of his run-in with the authorities 2,000 years ago came flooding back to him – hopes to become a member of parliament for Burnley in Lancashire. According to this report, Christ, 77, changed his […]

Why I hate Jesus

I don’t hate the flesh and blood Jesus who walked the dusty roads of Palestine, nor do I hate the Jesus found in the pages of the Bible. These Jesuses are relics of the past. I’ll leave it to historians to argue and debate whether these Jesuses were real or fiction. Over the centuries, Christians […]

In Guatemala, Jesus is rejected for post as an army general

The suggestion that a statue of Jesus should be given the status of a general in the Guatemalan army was made at a Christmas eve mass by Catholic priest Orlando Aguilar. But, according to this report, when the daft idea reached the ears of Archbishop Oscar Vianhe, bishop of the capital Guatemala City, he firmly rejected […]

Resurrected: Jesus, Queen of Heaven

Back in 2009, Jo Clifford, above, caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth when she portrayed Jesus Christ as a transgender woman at the Glasgay! arts festival. The show, according to this report, sparked outrage. The Christian Institute was aghast, and droves of angry Christian protesters picketed the theatre, holding signs that read: God: ‘My […]

Mythologizing Jesus

  Science writer Steuart Campbell reviews Mythologizing Jesus: From Jewish Teacher to Epic Hero by Dennis R MacDonald. Did the first Gospel writers raid the Homeric epics of Greek literature to turn Jesus into a super-heroic figure to compel their readers into life-changing decision to follow Jesus? Dennis R MacDonald thinks they did and that […]

Ain’t nothing sacred about this Jesus

Although it was originally planted as a religious shrine at a Montana ski resort by the Catholic Knights of Columbus, ‘Big Mountain Jesus’ cannot be regarded as a sacred symbol because folk treat it as a figure of fun. That’s the verdict of the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which yesterday ruled that the […]

‘Jesus’ sighted on a cocktail cabinet door

Nowhere in the New Testament (or anywhere else) is Jesus described, nor have any drawings of him ever been uncovered. There is the additional problem of having neither a skeleton nor other bodily remains to probe for DNA. In the absence of evidence, our images of Jesus have been left to the imagination of artists. […]