The Truth Seeker, 28 MAy, 1881. Image supplied by Roderick Bradford.

There have always been links between the freethought movements in Britain and North America. The above image is of the first page of the 28th May 1881 edition of the Truth Seeker. First published in the USA in 1873, it claims to be the oldest freethought journal in the world. The page in question contains perhaps the earliest review – albeit a brief one – of the original Freethinker, whose first monthly issue had been published in London earlier that month.

The review of the Freethinker can be found in the middle of the right-hand column, just above ‘An Infidel Abroad’. It states:

‘The first number of this sprightly candidate for Freethought is before us. Its articles are short and pointed, and it seems to possess the spiciness, interest, and ability to make it a popular journal. We wish it a prosperous future.’

This image has kindly been supplied by Roderick Bradford, the current editor and publisher of the Truth Seeker.

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