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Freethinking about Jesus the Nazarene

The ‘Messiah’ was nothing more than a deluded religious fanatic who arranged his own arrest, trial, crucifixion and resurrection. The May 2000 issue of the Freethinker carried a critical review of my 1996 book about Jesus and the origin of Christianity (The Rise and Fall of Jesus). Unfortunately, the reviewer, Jack Hastie, misunderstood the main […]

The evil genius of modern Baptists

DALE DEBAKCY examines the descent into  ‘shambling self-parody’ of a religious movement founded on concern for equality and intellectual freedom In the roll call of modern religious grotesqueries, few groups figure so prominently as the Baptists. Homosexuality correction centers. Hunting camps. Abortion clinic violence. Creationist textbooks. All of these, and so many more humanity-crushing […]

The collection plate versus the bottle

DALE DEBAKCSY recounts the sorry tale of the persecution of the Washingtonian Temperance Society   ONE night in 1840, six men sat in a pub and decided to create an institution based on the radical idea that the best way to save somebody from alcoholism was to offer them regular support and guidance without denigrating […]