Thoughtcrime, by POlyp. October is Civil Liberties Month at the Freethinker.

October is Civil Liberties Month at the Freethinker. In a spirit of open, critical enquiry and resistance to dogmatism, we’ll be examining some of the most controversial topics out there, including the pandemic, transgenderism, the end of freedom in Hong Kong, political Islamism and the incipient ‘women’s revolution’ in Iran, and the true meaning of ‘liberty’. For what is dogmatism but a tyranny of the mind?

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List of articles on civil liberties – updated as they are published (continues beyond October)

‘A godless neo-religion’ – interview with Helen Joyce on the trans debate

‘The light of democratic scrutiny was switched off for two years’ – interview with Adam Wagner

Jackboots in Manchester 暴政踐踏之下的曼徹斯特, by Simon Cheng (in English and Chinese)

Cartoon: Jesus and Mo on civil rights, by Mohammed Jones

The falsehood at the heart of the trans movement, by Eliza Mondegreen

When science and civil liberties clash, by Helen Dale

The ‘Women’s Revolution’, report-cum-manifesto by two activists in Iran

Hong Kong Exodus, 2021-22, by James Lin Shan Hon

Britain’s blasphemy heritage, by David Nash

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